Orbit Infusion Sets

Enjoy flexibility


Orbit infusion sets – the alternative for infusion pumps with standard Luer-lock connection.

  • 360° freedom of movement
  • Soft and steel* cannulas available
  • Body heat activated tape for secure fixation
  • Discrete semi-transparent tape and low profile of the dome
  • Reliable quality at attractive prices

Easy to use

User-friendly handling
Insert the infusion set and remove the introducer cap with the big tabs.

Click & Go
The 360° connector eliminates the need to look at the site to connect the tubing. Just listen to the "click".

Freely rotates 360°
The 360° connector rotation makes site selection easy and more flexible. The tube is always going "in the right direction".

Virtually pain free
The thin steel* cannula and the soft cannula of the Orbit infusion sets allow a virtually pain free insertion.

* Infusion sets with steel cannula are not available in USA.